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About us

Bloodhound was a dog dream to me since my childhood. Mild, kind, affectionate and incredibly peaceful to all living creatures, that is bloodhound. This huge imposant giant with big heart and insurmountable hunting gift surpassed my expectations and became love of my life!
The very first bloodhound came to our place in 2004. I was so happy to carry home a beautiful wrinkled puppy named Young Iseb. His breeder had only one puppy left. "Gulík, Guláš", as we started to call him, was waiting there only for me and it was love for the whole life. A huge "pice of a dog" grew up from my little baby boy. I always admired owners and their dogs standing at podium and suddenly I was there as well due tu Gulík. Gulík was my once in a life time dog. He was simply MR.DOG! Unfortunately he is not with us anymore, but thanks to his children and grandchildren, who took character and exterior after him, is Gulicek still with me...
In the begining of 2007 a bloodhound girl "Lady" and liver coloured boy "Dempík" joined our pack. In October 2009 the very first litter was born in our kennel. We breed bloodhound as I boundlessly love them and I do not breed them for money! That is why we have puppies only from time to time not several times a year! My aim to breed healthy bloodhounds with friendly nature and ballanced exterior. I am always looking for owners who will love their puppy and appreciate it.

Martina Hegr Klivarová

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself!

About us

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