Flessner's International Grand Ville

GCH., CH. Flessners's International Harvester

Ch. Bacchus du Noble Limier

Vargo du Noble Limier

Cincinati Trooper of Anderlues

Dynamite Badger Creek

Front Row's Living Sin

Ussard du Noble Limier

Front Row's Iris

Ch. Jo-Li's Uncommon Treasure

Ch. Rcklnd Jo-Li's Foghrn Leghrn

Ch. Honey Tree's Bears Repeating

Ch. Woeful Celebrate Cara Could

Ch. Xtase du Noble Limier

Timour du Noble Limier

Qassiope do Noble Limier

Edenhill's The Grand Wazoo

Edenhill Without a Clue

Blazing Holy

Cardinal Truffe Medieval

Chimere Truffe Medievale

Edenhill Lovely Moonchild

Edenhill Ness Elliot

Edenhill Harvest Moon

Ch. Flessner's Royal Flush at Edenhill

Ch. Bauer's Mister Banana Boat

Ch. Ramsay Creek's No Time to Lose

Ch. Bauer's Adrenalin Rush

Ch. Edenhill Tig a Rif IC Neena

Ch. Flessner's and Tiger Too

Edenhill Dear Prudence